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Gestão de Garantia Globus
Gestão de Garantia Globus

Globus Seguros

We developed the Globus Guarantee Insurance Management (3G) system for Globus Seguros, which manages insurers, policyholders, claims and policies, as well as calculating guarantee insurance premiums.

The system acts as a repository of registration documents for policyholders and policies, enabling the entire company team to feed in and access the relevant business information, which is always up to date.

The project also has initial dashboards, customized by access profile, offering the main information summarized and in real time.

From an operational point of view, integration with the Globus team is achieved by mirroring the versioning system, so that all updates made in the development environment are available for publication in production.

The project was developed in partnership with the Guarantee Insurance team at Globus Seguros and brings together all the team’s knowledge of this type of insurance.

The system uses a Javascript front-end, using the Quasar Framework integrated with API Platform, and has a Php back-end, with Symfony Framework.


• Web Development
• Web Hosting


Globus Seguros



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