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The experience in project development accredits Pura Comunicação to act as an extension of the Startup teams, composing the Marketing and Design team and leading technology in all strategic aspects of the business.
Constantly innovating, Pura Comunicação acts as CTO as a Service for companies and Startups. Pura Comunicação is the technological engine that drives your business. With solid development expertise, we strategically lead technology, rooting it in all aspects of Marketing, Design and business growth.
CTO as a Service

CTO (Chief Technology Officer): The acronym CTO refers to the executive position of an organization or company, responsible for supervising and managing all activities related to technology and innovation within the corporate structure. The CTO plays a fundamental role in the development and implementation of technological strategies, leading teams to ensure efficiency, innovation and integration of technological solutions that are aligned with the company’s business objectives.

A CTO´s role in an Business Organization

Technological and Strategic Leadership

Develop and communicate the company's technological vision. Identify new technologies and trends to drive innovation.

Team and Resource Management

Build and lead highly capable technology teams. Allocate resources efficiently to projects and initiatives.

Product Strategy and Development

Align product strategy with technological vision. Oversee the product lifecycle, from conception to launch.

Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Ensure the security and compliance of systems and data. Mitigate cybersecurity risks and develop contingency plans.

Innovation and Technological Research

Promote a culture of innovation within the company. Invest in research and development to drive technological evolution.

Technology suited for the business

In the CTO as a Service operation, we adopt the best tools to ensure that the business is supported by cutting-edge technologies and optimized costs.

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